Tim Wynkoop (wynkoop)

Thanks for taking the time to visit my photography web site. My roots in photography go back to my elementary school days in the 70's when my dad had a darkroom in our basement. Both my brother and I learned all aspects of photography, from loading our own film in film canisters, to developing film, enlarging, developing and drying photos. This was all before high school! After graduating high school, I went off to college and got away from photography until the summer of 2006, when a third flood in less than two years hit our town and I used a simple point and shoot camera to get some pretty cool pictures. That's all it took to rekindle the photography itch. Please take the time to leave comments on any of the photos you wish. I can be contacted via email at: gopburg@yahoo.com. ps: The photo of me above was taken by Sue Beyer of the Express-Times. Thanks Sue!

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